​​​A client's recommendation...

​My brother and I found ourselves with the sudden and unexpected passing of our Mother and the barrage of steps that go along with settling an estate. We called the friendly face I had seem on many for-sale signs in Mission Bay Mobile Home Park, where my mother was living. We thought this realtor must know what she is doing, right? Let me say…. we were not disappointed!  She met with us within a few hours on that first day and stayed by our side for the entire time it took to sell the home. She told us exactly what we needed to do, the order in which to do it and gave us great references to get the work done. She is a plethora of knowledge about senior living, the market and what it takes to get the sale. Though we fought her a few steps of the way…. she was always right and in the end, we got more than we originally wanted and couldn’t be happier with the sale, bitter sweet as it was. If you are looking for someone to help you sell even the most challenging of homes, Joanne is your choice! She is kind, compassionate, spunky, well known and knowledgeable as hell about what it takes to get the job done. She and her team immediately make you feel like family. One that I’m not quite ready to give up yet, whether they like it or not!A client's recommendation...

Calm, comforting, and helpful...


I remember how calm, comforting, and helpful you were during that difficult and stressful time after my sister’s death, showing the best of your personal and professional sides. You have continued to be a source of help and reassurance for the past year, and I cannot tell you how important that has been. You and your family are bright spots in our task of completing my sister’s estate.

Thank you again and again!
Kay Kruse Stanton

Referred Their Family Members to Joanne

Good morning Joanne,
​Theresa was so very fortunate to have found you to help her with the sale of her mothers home. We were more than happy to recommend you to both Kerry and Danny.  

We are 100% sure that they are both in very good hands! And one of these days we will have to be sure we make it over to the Hayward area for some Mexican food.  

Take care and Theresa says hello.​​​​

Rich and Theresa Vera

​Joanne’s the one you will want!!!
Joanne was so connected with me the seller I could not have ask for anything more. She walks with you hand in hand from the first page of the for sale document to the very last page of closing. She was always there or reachable if I had any questions,
concerns, illness, frighten, doubts or whatever may come up during this process.

This is a heart wrenching process when you don’t know what you are really doing. I have to say Joanne knew the process, not a question that came up that she didn’t have the right answer for.  When the right buyer came along she walked them through the process of getting qualified for the park, so there would be no surprises at the end. She is very knowledgeable about New England Village.  I chose her over others because I knew she had the experience.  I had seen her signs with the American flag on them in that park almost every day for the 7 years I lived there, they came and went usually faster than normal.

She will work with you whether you want to be out in a month or a year. She is very very honest and tells everything up front, so my suggestion to anyone who wants to sell or buy, talk to Joanne, she will get you the best price either way.  I feel I have made a friend for life, she extends above and beyond her job to help anyone, 
anyway she can.  I would surely use her again if I moved back to the bay area. 
Thanks to you Joanne I am on my way to the new chapter in my life.

Love you,


The kindest most thoughtful person…
My dad recently passed away and I was referred to Joanne Gardiner through another real estate broker to list his mobile home.  That broker said  he does not specialize in mobile homes but Joanne Gardiner is the best and I would not be disappointed. I was living with my dad at the time of his passing, so not only was I dealing with the loss of my dad, I had to put the home on the market that I too was living in.   Joanne showed compassion, knowledge, determination and heart for my situation. Her knowledge of the real estate market is incredible.  A few situations came up that required me to need a contractor, Joanne knew instantly who could help me fast and efficiently.  Not to mention, the people she suggested I call for repairs were just as trustworthy as she is. She never once made me feel alone in this process- she constantly checked in with me to see if I needed anything and how I was doing.  If I had to sum up my experience in one word, it would be trust!!!  I can’t say enough wonderful things about this woman- not only is she an amazing realtor, but also the kindest most thoughtful person.  I look forward to working with her again.

Erin Banke
San Leandro

Such a “package”! 

Thank you, Joanne.  We are very excited to be “on the move” and are so glad to have found such a beautiful home in the Bay Area.  We look forward to putting up the “sold” sign tomorrow!  You have worked really hard for us and we are very grateful.  We benefited tremendously from your experience, professionalism, enthusiasm and energy – and, of course, our new Encore Home by ARM Homes!  Humanly, we appreciate your personal care, empathy, practical wisdom, humor, values and obvious love for what you do.  Such a “package”!

We look forward to staying in touch.  We consider all of you as friends now.  We hope you’ll come to celebrate with us once we’ve got our ease with the kitchen!

Many, many thanks,
Belmont, CA

I am happy with the results…

Dear Joanne,

I can’t even begin to express how happy I am with the results we got on the sale of my Hayward house!  And you did it for the best price and terms and had it sold in less than a month!  You and each member of your support team are awesome!  Your knowledge and expertise surfaced at our first meeting, and I knew then I had the best in the business to sell my house, and you sure did!!  You treated me like a family member and gave the whole process that extra touch of care as if I was your own.  I can not say enough to express how happy I am with your service – you are wonderful!! May God bless you always!

With best regards,
Julie Vander Karr


Can’t thank you enough for your patience, your determination and your kindness in getting us thru the process of selling our home!!  You were there at every turn of the road for us and helped us get more than we ever imagined for our sale!!  It enabled us to buy the home of our dreams in another state!!!

Your entire staff were all wonderful!  From the open house at the very beginning to the close of escrow at the very end, you kept us appraised of each step and what was happening in the process.  I have bought and sold many homes, but have never had a realtor who spent so much of her time working with us individually and personally to get us the best deal possible.

You asked what we wanted and then went about making our dream come true.  I would highly recommend Joanne Gardiner to anyone who is seriously ready to sell their home and go on to a new adventure.  She explains each paper you are signing and then follows the process completely thru to the end of the sale and the close of escrow.  You are always updated on exactly what is happening in your process.

Joanne, thank you seems like such a small 2 words for all the hard work you put in for us.  We feel we have made a new friend for life and look forward to keeping in touch with you and having you come and visit us in our new home!!!   YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!

Billie Mosier

You did a fantastic job!

Dear Joanne,

Dave and I would like to thank you for the fantastic job you did in finding us 2 homes in the last year. I have never seen anyone work so hard at anything. You not only found us the perfect home but also the perfect neighborhood.  We were very lucky that you were recommended o us.

Thank you again and we will surely tell all of our friends about you. In fact if someone really wants to buy and sell, if they don’t contact you well then they might as well stay where they are.

Dave and Jeannie Couthren
Hayward, CA

She exceeded our expectations...

My parents’ recently sold their mobile home in a retirement park in Hayward.  My Dad selected Joanne as his realtor based on her reputation for selling mobile homes. She exceeded our expectations.

Joanne is a stellar realtor and an awesome negotiator.  She truly does all that she can to help her clients get the best price possible for their home.

My husband and I live in Washington; and we traveled to California to help my parents’ prepare for the sale.  From the beginning of the transaction through the closing, Joanne was professional, helpful, and kind. She always returned my phone calls and emails in a timely manner and kept me abreast of any new updates.

My husband and I were able to stage my parents’ home with Joanne’s help. She was truthful about what needed to be donated, repaired, and cleaned.  She referred us to excellent house cleaning and carpet cleaning services. She is tech savvy and has a strong website.  She took pictures of my parents’ home and added captions to the pictures.  I was very impressed with her work and her marketing skills. My parents’ home was only on the MLS for about two weeks before we had a qualified buyer.  I highly recommend Joanne.

Yola Modena

Joanne is a person that you would always want in your life.
Years ago my cousin, John Lopez, mentioned her name Joanne Gardiner, I never forgot her name. Unexpe          ctedly I decided to sell my home and Joanne entered my life. I want to thank her so very much.  She is the best of the best in the Real Estate market.

Joanne is very professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable, dependable, experienced, warmhearted, and has tons of confidence in all that she knows and knows extremely well.  She is a person that you would always want in your life. I thank you for all that you did for me Ms. Joanne.

Thank you and God bless.
Loretta M Rozario-Bagley

She anticipated every roadblock…

My wife and I will be moving into our new home in Hayward this week. We are excited and feel very fortunate to have been represented by Joanne Gardiner of Advantage Realty, Union City, CA. Since we were moving from Denver, CO our on-site presence was challenged and Joanne simply eliminated that as an issue.

A large part of our search was being done via the Internet, particularly the MHVillage.com website. We were able to shop several homes in the area and every time we found a home so well described and documented with numerous pictures we would discover they were Joanne Gardiner listings. These listings literally, lead the viewer through the home “showing” the property at its best. By the time we actually visited the property, we already knew the layout and could better imagine ourselves living there.  

She lead us through the entire process of qualifying, searching for a home, offering and buying a very nice property we know we will enjoy. We were so impressed with her thoroughness that the process was a fantastic experience. She anticipated every roadblock, maneuvered us through various financial, local municipality and necessary inspection issues. We never had to worry about not being extremely satisfied with her service and the resultant home purchase.

Buying a home can be very personal and self-exposing, but Joanne made us feel like part of the Advantage Realty Family, they were all working for us, to help us find the property we had been hoping to make our home. Joanne Gardiner has won our confidence. She will be our Realtor for some time to come.  We would be foolish to let her get away. Many thanks for being a consummate professional at every level.

Brad and Linda P
Formerly of Denver, CO

Professional, Kind, and Honest...

Joanne was such a great help with the sale of my grandfather’s mobile home. She is professional, kind, and honest. I don’t know what I would have done without her help. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for someone who cares about your needs and wants. She will get the job done.

Sabrina Carrillo
Santa Cruz, CA

Joanne stood by her guns and said we could get a higher price. 

When my husband and I started to interview realtors (at least seven) for the sale of our Castro Valley home, we quickly became discouraged.  Each realtor had glowing credentials, but each said they would list our home at a much lower price than what we needed or thought our house was worth.  My daughter thought they all wanted to list the house at a lower price to make a quick sale.  No one was willing to at least start at a higher price and then lower the price if needed.  They all told us that our house would not sell for what we wanted, so we were really disheartened.

Then I happened to find Joanne Gardiner on the internet.  We had been thinking about moving to a manufactured home and Joanne’s site came up in one of my searches.  Her credentials sounded great, but I had that fear in my heart that she too would be like the others.  I was wrong.

The day Joanne came over and she sat down to talk to us, I knew we had found “the one.” She listened to what we had to say, I said we choose you, we signed the listing papers and we listed at a higher price, just as we had wanted to do and just as the other realtors had said would never fly.

The market presented many difficulties, but Joanne hung in there and went above and beyond the call of duty in working for us.  She knew all the legalities of selling and buying a home and that knowledge came in handy on numerous occasions.  She always had our backs and watched over us.  We lowered the price a couple of times, but we remained steadfast at the amount we needed to sell the house for.  We had found a lovely manufactured home and decided to buy that contingent on the sale of our house.  Joanne steered us through all the legalities of that process, too.  When we got the first offer on our home, it was for the amount suggested by the other realtors in the beginning.  We were very discouraged.  Joanne stood by her guns and said we could get a higher price.  She said she knew the house was worth more.  She was right. We had another offer at another low price and then we got a wonderful offer at a price more than what we needed to help us with our finances.  There were many starts and stops to the transaction and we weren’t really sure until we signed our last papers that the deal would go through, but it did.  We sold our home and bought the manufactured home with proceeds from the sale.

God truly blessed us by sending us an angel named Joanne Gardiner and He blessed us with a wonderful offer on our home of 37 years and a great bid on the manufactured home.

If you need someone to steer you through the ins and outs of buying or selling your home, look no further than Joanne Gardiner. She’ll be with you every step of the way and you’ll end up with not only a great realtor, but a true friend.

Judy and Peter Johnson
Castro Valley, CA

I love my Encore Home by ARM Homes…

Thank You to a Wonderful God and Savior.  He lead me all the way to Joanne and her family.  It has been a great experience, getting to work with each and everyone. 

It took months to find them but God knew all the while where I would go and into which home.  I am glad to have a 1st time home, of God’s choosing.  I look forward to years of living here and having my grandsons and great grand children and my wonderful daughter and her husband coming to spend Holidays with me/us. 

Thank you to Joanne for her energy in putting everything together.  For Cree andDawn forthe Manufactured Home they prepared for me, and to Richard and Leanne for the things they do to keep Joanne working at her job.  

I love you all and look forward to the new friendships I have made. 

Mary Molloy
Hayward, CA
Formerly of Oakland, CA

Thanks to Joanne I bought a bank owned condo (REO)…

I have worked with other realtors thru-out the years – and in my opinion, Joanne Gardiner is one of the most informed about all aspects of selling or purchasing a home. 

She is a walking encyclopedia about all regions of the Bay Area for all types of housing, be it traditional, condos, townhouses or Manufactured Housing. Her website is an outstanding resource for informative and helpful information. 

In acting as my agent, Joanne made sure to only show me housing located in safe, desirable neighborhoods… my safety and satisfaction were more important to her than a quick sale and commission. 

Additionally, after my offer had been accepted on a unit, she stayed in constant contact with the seller (a bank) my lender and the title company and had answers before I even thought to ask the question! 

If you are looking for a Realtor who is experienced, knowledgeable, dependable and trustworthy – then you’re looking for Joanne Gardiner. 

Livia Hillery
(very satisfied Client)
San Leandro, CA

Joanne is an excellent broker and has become a dear friend…

I appreciate all Joanne has done for my husband and me. Her professional service has been most helpful in getting us into our new home at Mission Bay in San Leandro. We could not have tackled all the hurdles she helped us through. Joanne is an excellent broker and has become a dear friend.

We are very happy in our new home. I would recommend Mission Bay to anyone over 55. It is a very friendly community and suits our needs socially as well as health-wise. Joanne took us around all the homes we wanted to look at, placed no pressure on us to make up our own minds as to which one we wanted. Joanne was always a delight, pleasant and extremely accommodating to our needs. We think of Joanne not only as a very fine Broker, but a good friend as well. 

Esther and Sigmund Sabin
San Leandro, CA
Formerly of Alameda, CA 


Clients, like the late world-traveler Glen T. Moffitt, pictured with his lovely wife Maebell left explicit instructions in their wills to have Joanne sell their real estate to settle their estate. Through the years prior to Glen’s death, Joanne handled four sales for the Moffitts. 

Glen and Maebell Moffitt
Hayward, CA 

Unheard of in this market…

Dear Joanne, 

I keep thinking about you and need to tell you how grateful I am for selling the mobile for Mother. She herself is happy that it went that smooth and most of all she got the price she wanted. 

The way the housing market is going you did it in time for our needs and in a very short time and “as is.” Unheard of in my opinion and my friends have told me the same thing and they are jealous! 

Within four weeks of Joanne listing it, she  closed the escrow.  I will be forever grateful and thank you again 

In my thoughts, 
Jutta Gray
Newark, CA 

 A note from Joanne…

Hello… The most rewarding part of my career is helping buyers and sellers go from point A to point B successfully and happily.  It is my honor to be part of their journey. 

I hope you enjoyed reading what some of my clients have to say about my service.  When you, your family or friends think about buying or selling real estate or manufactured homes in the San Francisco Bay Area please call on me. 

Thank you,

Producing results buyers and sellers love in San Francisco Bay Area for more than 40 years. 

P.S. For information on buying or selling east bay homes, please contact me on my cell phone at 510-589-4794 or send me a note on the Contact form. 

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Joanne's cell phone: 510-589-4794

We serve the greater San Francisco bay area.   

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