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My brother and I found ourselves with the sudden and unexpected passing of our Mother and the barrage of steps that go along with settling an estate. We called the friendly face I had seem on many for-sale signs in Mission Bay Mobile Home Park, where my mother was living. We thought this realtor must know what she is doing, right? Let me say…. we were not disappointed!  She met with us within a few hours on that first day and stayed by our side for the entire time it took to sell the home. She told us exactly what we needed to do, the order in which to do it and gave us great references to get the work done. She is a plethora of knowledge about senior living, the market and what it takes to get the sale. Though we fought her a few steps of the way…. she was always right and in the end, we got more than we originally wanted and couldn’t be happier with the sale, bitter sweet as it was. If you are looking for someone to help you sell even the most challenging of homes, Joanne is your choice! She is kind, compassionate, spunky, well known and knowledgeable as hell about what it takes to get the job done. She and her team, Richard, Dawn and Cree immediately make you feel like family. One that I’m not quite ready to give up yet, whether they like it or not!

Julie Sandoval
​San Leandro

Listed at $699,000

Joanne got this seller $775,000 for this 2 bedroom, 1 bath home. Call her to get you the best price possible for your home, too!
More than 40 years experience.

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Above: The gorgeous kitchen in our 2 bedroom apartment home with a private fenced yard that includes free weekly landscape service. Below: Photo tour of Apartment 1 that is available now.  $2300 per month.  Contact Joanne on the contact form or her cell: 510-589-4794.  

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